Institute Krav Maga Cork | Adult 5 Week Fundamentals Course 29th May 2019



Make a change this Spring and Get Summer ready with our 5 week Basics course! No matter what your goal – learn some basic self defence, weight loss or increased fitness, or just to make some new friends and try something different, we’re sure we can help support you in whatever your chosen goal is!

The comprehensive and unique Institute Krav Maga  Curriculum includes Punches, Elbow Strikes, Kicks, Knees, Trapping, Locking, Takedowns and Ground Defence. Functional Fitness, Weight Loss & Confidence Building in one action packed Modern Martial Art!


This course is designed to give the participants a base level of self-defence skills from the Institute Krav Maga Ireland system. The duration is 5 weeks consisting of one 1-hour lesson per week.

We’ve designed the Fundamentals Krav Maga  course with people in mind to do complete a structured beginners training course prior to joining our mixed level classes. During the course our instructors aim to cover techniques that are part of the Defender level 1 syllabus in the Institute Krav Maga training programme, including awareness drills, tactical behavior and self defense techniques.


The Fundamentals course will address the following:

  • 1. Basic striking skills and principles of self-defence
  • 2. Defending hand strikes
  • 3. Multiple Opponents Tactics
  • 4. Introduction to fighting in Krav Maga
  • 5. Defending basic choke type attacks
  • 6. Defending simple knife threats & common knife attacks
  • 7. Self-defence techniques on the ground


This course is open to all ages, skill levels and anyone aged 16 or older. Under 18s will require written parental consent to attend the course. No experience is required and even if you do have a background in other martial arts or self defence systems, we ask you to come with open mind and a willingness to learn. You will be asked to complete and sign a health proforma  and sign a declaration stating that you have no criminal record, official warnings or history relating to aggression, assault  or related charges.


If you decide that after the course, you wish to continue with Krav Maga classes, we’ll simply set you up with our monthly membership.


Once you make your booking you will receive an automated reply to confirm the booking has gone through. Following this you will be contacted within 48 hours by one of the Institute Krav Maga team with your full booking confirmation.  Please remember to use an email address that is current and also check your spam, junk or promotions folder, for our booking confirmation email.  You will be required to print , complete and bring along a health questionnaire. Please ensure you complete this and take it with you to your first class. This will be attached to your booking confirmation email.

Please feel free to ask any questions by emailing us through our contact page or if you have made a booking simply reply to the booking confirmation email address.


The course takes place each Wednesday 7pm till 8pm for 5 weeks in our training Center, Unit 1, Deanrock , Business Park, Cork City.  After the course you will be ready to transfer directly into our weekly classes.

Cost is 79 euro/ Inc VAT

We look forward to meeting you:)

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