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  • General information:


All 3 sessions must be completed in 3 consecutive weeks

Please make sure you can attend your trial before booking as it can not be resheduled once booked


Our ‘trial classes’ take place around every 3-4 weeks. All participants at our adult classes must be over 16 years old and those under the age of 18 years old must have parental consent and have the ability to complete health questionnaires at the session.

During the trial class you’ll participate in the training along with other newcomers like yourself and our regular members. We want you to experience the intensity and duration of the class, while picking up some of the ‘Krav Maga’ terminology under the guidance of your instructor and sometimes, one of our more experienced club members will be looking after you.

The trial class is exactly what is says it is, a ‘trial’ so you are not tied into any contract or required to sign anything to attend other than the health questionnaire we will send to you by email. If you do enjoy your class and wish to join the club, there will be the opportunity to do so at the end of the session.

We suggest wearing normal ‘comfortable’ gym gear such as ‘clean’ indoor trainers, tracksuit pants, jogging bottoms or gym pants for ladies and a black T-shirt, that you are free to move in… You are likely to get a good sweat on, so bring some water and perhaps a hand-towel too.  Regular members do wear a uniform of Krav Maga trousers, a club T-shirt, along with other protective pads and guards (depending on the training taking place), but you will not need these for your trial class.

  • Important Note:

After booking your trial class online, we’ll contact you by email to confirm your booking and send you a health form to complete. Please ensure that you book using a current email address that you monitor regularly.

Many people have out of date email addresses connected to their PayPal accounts etc, and therefore do not receive the booking information we send out. Please check the email address you booked with and any SPAM, promotions or junk folders you may have and confirm your attendance back to us, so that we know you have received the booking confirmation.

You will get an automated reply immediately, however we aim to send you a full booking confirmation with your health and membership forms within 24 hours or the next working day during weekends or holiday periods.

  • What to expect

As with most combat systems and martial arts, we start by lining up and bowing to the instructors, who in return will bow to you. Each class has a mixture of males and females of all ages. During the class you will be required to train with different partners on a regular rotation, throughout the session. All classes involve some functional fitness, power exercises and warm up games. We typically then work on some striking and specific techniques from our syllabus. The class normally ends with some stress drills and summary training exercises. We often split the class into beginners and advance groups, so don’t worry if you’re just joining us. The instructor will demonstrate and teach you the various techniques along with the tactical behavior that comes with Krav Maga training.

You’re guaranteed a good work out whilst learning some very effective self defence. Naturally we work on prevention and awareness too, so you’ll get a good understanding of how to avoid some situations rather just a solution on what to do when you are already in the situation. Expect to work hard, sweat a little, make some friends and have fun.

  • Membership Options:

Adult Limited Membership – 60 Euro Monthly / Two Session a Week

Adult Unlimited Membership – 80 Euro Monthly

Teens/ Kids Membership – 40 Euro/ Two Session a Week


  • Signing up information:

You do not need a PayPal account, as you can check out as a guest and pay by credit or debit card.  Please read our booking confirmation email carefully, bring all the items mentioned in the email and remember to send us a reply, so we know you have received, read and understood the information we have sent you. If you decide that you want to sign up at the end of the session, we’ll need you to set up the monthly standing order in your bank and complete your membership form.

  • Next Trial Classes Dates:

Monday 8pm till 9pm | Institute Krav Maga Cork

Wednsday 7pm till 8pm | Institute Krav Maga Cork

Friday 7pm till 8pm | Institute Krav Maga Cork

Saturday 12 till 1pm | Institute Krav Maga Cork


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