Is Krav Maga effective?

Yes, the system was worked out with the thought of maximum simplicity and effectiveness, so that every person, large or small could physically master the techniques. In Israel the system is taught to the army, police and in elementary schools.It has been tested in real situations, and still is due to the political situation in Israel.

How long will it take for me to become proficient?

The typical Israeli military course lasts 120 hours. You will get to know the techniques and how to apply them in real situations.

Is training dangerous?

No. As in all contact sports and hobbies, it is expected that you will get the odd scratch or bruise. However if you follow the recommendations of the instructor regarding protective equipment, you will be perfectly safe.

Is it necessary to have experience in other martial arts?

No. Although previous experience will help in terms of strength and coordination, it is not required. We teach people from all walks of life, and of all levels and abilities.

How old must I be to begin training?

18 years. However exemptions are made for students over 16. Consent forms must be signed by a parent or guardian in the presence of the instructor.If you decide to begin training you may be asked to get a character reference from your local Garda station.

What equipment is necessary for training?

We provide all the equipment for practice (kick shields, focus mitts etc.), but it is required that you purchase a groin guard, shin pads and boxing gloves.

What does Krav Maga characterize?

The strongest feature of the system is that the techniques are based on natural reflexes and are effective even under the high stress that violent encounters will definitely bring. Even a person who has only a small amount of training can use the techniques effectively in adverse conditions. The techniques are simple and the training method educates the natural reflexive behaviors. Working according to realistic scenarios, we teach students how to deal with aggressors and how to operate in panic and chaos situations.

What are the differences between civilian and military Krav Maga?

The principal framework of the system and training methods are essentially the same. Differences in the selection of the techniques in Krav Maga will depend on the requirements of the particular security force or individual being trained. For example body guards may need to prevent attempted kidnapping, the police and military will have different tactical methods of protection and intervention in their work according to specific situations. Civilians will generally require methods of defence such as common street type attacks, knives, robbery and attempted rape.



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